Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club

2017 Christmas Party

Sunday 26th November 2017

Overseal Village Hall, Derbyshire

The 2017 Christmas Party was a resounding success, with Judge Mr Matthew Cooper presiding over the usual selection of classes stewarded by Janet Riseborough and June Miles. The entry was excellent as usual and everyone entered into the spirit of the occasion, including June the elf.

Andy Irene Door


Judges Critique

Many thanks to the committee of the Central BMD Club for inviting me to judge their Christmas Party 2017. Thank you to everyone who entered you all took the best dog home, and made my decisions very hard. The day was full of quality dogs and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Class 1 - Baby Puppy Walk ( 4 - 6 months)

1st- June and Jyme, 4 month old BMD puppy loving his day out. Good size and excellent bone, well angulated front that he used to move well.
2nd- Teece and brandy, GSP A nice young girl, well angulated throughout. Pretty head moved well for a youngster
3rd- Sharon and Monty, BMD

Class 2 - AV Puppy (6-12 months)

1st- Julie and Rolo, BMD, a good head on this youngster. Real substance under the coat, level topline with good feet. Moved well to win the class.
2nd- Jackie and Paddy BMD nicely marked and pushed 1st hard for the class good rear end that was used well to drive him forward
3rd- Helen and Marcus, cross breed

Class 3 - AV Adult

1st- Julie and Seve, cocker, A stunning boy of excellent construction and substance under that coat, great balance and moves well.
2nd- Donna and Austin, Dalmatian, A boy I like a lot, well made with good front and rear angulation. Nice size and classic elegant look.
3rd- Shiba Inu

Class 4 - AV Veteran ( over 7 years )

1st- Zorro and Rachel 7 1/2 year old black & tan Shiba Inu, liked him a lot. Everything was where it was meant to be, a nice head and a well-balanced body. Moved true with quick and energetic steps.
2nd- Tiffaney and Sue 7 ½ year old BMD another great oldie, pushed 1 hard, sound and balanced girl with good markings. Moved well.
3rd- Caroline and Boggie, 12 years old Standard Poodle

Class 5 - Dog with The Waggiest Tail

1st- Harley Lovely Patterdale/Alsatian Cross Terrier, Did his owners proud and never stopped wagging took this class with fast constant waging
2nd- Mia and Julie, Just a few WPS (wags per second) behind 1
3rd- Hugo and James BMD

Class 6 - Best Biscuit Catcher

1st- Zorro and Rachel, Amazing catching by the first two here. I really felt the pressure throwing consistently to keep up with these two just managed to pip 2nd by a few inches. Didn’t think Zorro was going to miss anything
2nd- Connie and Donna, Dalmatian never thought she was going to miss kept pace with 1st right to the end. Great skill
3rd- BMD 36

Class 7 - Prettiest Bitch

1st- John and Mis-ka the Shiba Inu, stunningly pretty little face that I would be happy looking at all day long.
2nd- Donna and Pickle, Classic female Dalmatian head elegant and very pretty.
3rd- Labrador, mini

Class 8 - Most Handsome Dog

1st- Jackie and Paddy BMD, Good masculine male head, well marked with eyes of affection and attention.
2nd- Rachel and Oscar the Labrador, another good masculine head. A handsome chap for sure.
3rd- Donna and Austin.

Class 9 - Dog Most Like its Owner

1st- Ruth and Trevor, the Standard Poodle. This was a natural match, both with their long brown locks of hair falling over their faces.
2nd- Caroline with Boogie the Standard Poodle, a close second as dressed to look the same not quite as natural as 1.
3rd- Harley and Stuart, Patterdale/Alsatian Cross Terrier

Class 10 - Dog or Bitch the Judge would most like to take home

1st- Sharon and Monty, BMD, a cute puppy that I would be happy to put in my car and drive off with cute to the max.
2nd- Mia and Rachel, Shiba Inu, cute girl I could happily take home, attentive and active look to her.
3rd- Julie and Rollo BMD

Class 11 - Fancy Dress
Well done to all in this class the amount of effort put in was immense

1st- Prize for Best Child, Patterdale/Alsatian riding an iceberg of children
1st- Prize for Best Adult went to Ruth and Standard Poodle Trevor, Bah humbug this really made me LOL poor Trevor the turkey being lead in by the brutal butcher. I am told no turkeys where harmed in the making of this.
2nd- Cross breed, dressed as a Shepard and sheep with baby Jesus in a manger
3rd- Caroline and Boggie. Ring master in her top hat and tails, and Boogie was standing on his circus drum, another great outfit.


Best Adult Bernese – Redford and Donna, stood out in this class as soon as I saw him, in excellent coat and condition. Handsome and strong head into strong body of good size, full of strength and energy which he showed on the move.
Best Puppy Bernese - June and Jimmy, 4-month-old BMD puppy loving his day out. Good size and excellent bone, well angulated front that he used to move well. Has a lot of potential?
Best Companion Winner - Any Variety, Julie and Seve, cocker, A stunning boy of excellent construction and substance under that coat, great balance and moves well.
JUDGE MR. Matthew Cooper.


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