Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club

2014 Central Club Open Show

25th May 2014 at Overseal - Judge: Kathy Pawlyszyn

Thank you for the invitation to judge the Bernese club show which I thoroughly enjoyed. Huge thank you to all the exhibitors which gave me an excellent entry.  I found correct dentition with no missing teeth throughout ,which was very pleasing; hind angulation has improved but I feel fronts need correcting.  My biggest class of the day was the Veteran Class; I have to admit they made me quite emotional to see so many older dogs in super condition and still be moving with ease and I am proud to say there was a bitch in the class at the tender age of 10yrs old, out of coat but powered round the ring a real credit to the breed. Unfortunate for her to meet other exhibits in full bloom.  My placings were based upon breed type and sound movement. 

Best in Show: Gary Dybdall & Meadowpark Vertigo - Reserve Best in Show: Julie Baldwin & Fortonpark Dutch Delight - Judge:  Kathy Pawlyszyn

Best in Show: Gary Dybdall & Meadowpark Vertigo - Reserve Best in Show: Julie Baldwin & Fortonpark Dutch Delight
Judge: Kathy Pawlyszyn

Minor Puppy Dog - 5 Entries 2 Absent

1st - Mair,Hartley-Mair & Dybdall’s Meadowpark Vertigo
Upper sized male 8 month old, in one word WOW, excels in head type, bone, substance without being course in any way, my type throughout. Good length of neck flowing into correct shoulder placement, level topline leading to well angulated strong rear and straight hocks, correct body ratio, coat in excellent condition with correct wave, his clear even markings are the icing on the cake! Moved true with drive holding his topline throughout. This young boy should have a very bright future ahead of him living proof a big strong sturdy well boned dog can have excellent movement. Best Puppy in Breed, Best Dog and Best in Show

2nd - Baldwin's Guinness Record From Christofland to Fortonpark (IMP CZE)

Junior Dog - 0 Entries

Yearling Dog - 1 Entry 0 Absent

19 month old male of medium size, correct dentition, pleasing head type, adequate bone for size. Well balanced dog with good angulation front and rear. Moved well with excellent drive from the rear. In good coat with correct markings. 

Post Graduate Dog - 7 Entries 0 Absent

Post Graduate Dog Winners - Mick Bramble with Shirdees Continental JW & Jean Hellingsworth with Carabaz Satch Boogie

Post Graduate Dog Winners - Mick Bramble with Shirdees Continental JW & Jean Hellingsworth with Carabaz Satch Boogie

2 year old dog small to medium in size with adequate bone. Another strong typy head with good stop. Good reach of neck, correct angulation front and rear. Moved well side profile front and rear. In good coat. Reserve Best Dog

3½ year old male of medium size. Good type head, a little narrow in the chest, moved well on side profile but not as tidy coming and going. Overall nice type, in good coat, dark markings. 

Limit Dog - 5 Entries 1 Absent

Youngest Handler Paige Spencer with Bohenium Rapture

4 year old male of medium size with strong typy head, adequate bone, moderate angulation being a little narrow in front. Held topline well on the move, moved well. In good coat.

Upper medium sized 4 year old male with striking colour markings. Good strong head, body lacking in substance. Moved well on side profile. Excellently handled by a young girl aged 10 years, dog and handler well presented. 

Open Dog - 8 Entries 5 Absent

Open Dog Class

Upper medium sized male 4 years old, pleasing head, would like more stop. Fabulous correct angles front and rear allowing him to move with great ease. Overall well balanced dog. Correct markings and in good coat.

4½ year old male upper medium size. Prefer head to 1st as a little stronger with better stop. Good bone well balanced. Adequate angulation front and rear, in good coat. 

Veteran Dog or Bitch - 14 Entries 5 Absent

Big beautiful bitch 8 years old, Grandmother to my Reserve Best Dog, Typical of my type of excellent quality and size and moving superb for her age. In excellent coat and condition. Pleased to see she went on to win the Special Champion Award Class under another judge where a memorial trophy in memory of Louise Harrington was presented by Mr Tony Harrington.

Medium sized male 8 years old, strong head, medium bone balanced to size of dog. Moved well. 

Minor Puppy Bitch - 6 Entries 3 Absent

All promising puppies.

Small bitch just 6 months old, very well put together it was a pleasure to put my hands on her! Cobby in body of excellent type with good bone. Feminine head with correct dark eye. Moved excellent for a baby. Strong drive and beautiful side gait with topline firmly in place at all times.

7 months of medium size. Good head with lovely dark eye. Good angles front and rear and overall shape. Movement was good but lost out to topline to first. In excellent coat. 

Puppy Bitch - 4 Entries 2 Absent

1st - Rossall's Stormberne Aint No Sunshine

8½ months old. 3rd in previous class. Strong head with nice eye. Excellent bone. Standing bum high at the moment. Good condition. 

Junior Bitch - 4 Entries 2 Absent

13 months old. Good size bitch and typically raw at this stage. Feminine head with kind eye and good ear set. Medium bone but lovely shape. Good angles front and rear which showed in her movement. Was a little out of coat. Lovely markings.

13 months. Litter sister to 1st. very similar bitch. Lovely head, dark eye with kind expression. Good confirmation just lost out on movement on the day. Lovely markings. 

Post Graduate Bitch - 9 Entries 6 Absent

2 years old. Small to medium bitch. Feminine head with dark eyes lovely compact girl with good bone and substance. Excellent shape and balance throughout. Good angles front and rear. Excellent topline held on the move. Overall lovely type.

20 months. Small to medium bitch with adequate bone. Good angles fore and aft. Shown in good condition. Moved ok. 

Limit Bitch - 9 Entries 4 Absent

6 year old of medium size. Correct feminine head. Lovely chest with good angles front and rear. Moved with excellent drive which won her the class. Lovely mature girl shown in excellent coat. Reserve Best Bitch

2 years old. Medium bitch with lovely head. Good overall balance in body. Good bone and strong topline. Moved true throughout but lost out to maturity. 

Open Bitch - 3 Entries 1 Absent

2 years old. Just my type! Good size bitch. Gorgeous bitch with feminine head lovely expression. Lovely almond shaped dark eyes. Made me smile when I put my hands on her. Lovely confirmation throughout. Strong bone and substance yet still remaining feminine. Moved true at all angles. Shown in excellent condition. A pleasure to go over. Best Bitch and Reserve Best In Show

5½ years old. Small to medium. Feminine head but lacking a little underjaw for me. Short and compact bitch with lovely shape. Adequate bone for size. Good movement and shown in good coat.

Special Champion Award Class - Judge: Sue Lawrence

The Special Champion Award Class was judged by Sue Lawrence; a memorial trophy in memory of Louise Harrington, was presented by Mr Tony Harrington to the winner, Best Veteran, King & Bramble’s CH Shirdees Bobbie Dazzler

The Special Champion Award Class Winner Tony Harrington with Mike Bramble & CH Shirdees Bobbie Dazzler

Tony Harrington with Mike Bramble & CH Shirdees Bobbie Dazzler - The Special Champion Award Class Winner

Good sized bitch with excellent bone, feminine head, flat skull, good stop and correct almond shaped eye. Good reach of neck leading to level top line which was held nicely on the move. Good conformation which enabled her to move true and freely.

Substantial dog, masculine head, flat skull with dark almond shaped eye. Strong level top line held on the move. Lovely body shape with deep chest and good angulation fore and aft. Moved and handled well.