Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club

2014 Central Club Companion Dog Show

25th May 2014 at Overseal - Judge: Leigh Chatwood

The Companion Dog Show was held in the hall on the same day as our 2014 Open Show.

Any Variety Puppy

1st - Jean Hellingsworth's Australian Shepherd 
11 months old, well balanced alert expression with nice almond shaped eye, Good body shape with well sprung ribs. Moved freely. 

2nd - Cocker Spaniel 
3rd - Springer Spaniel 

Any Variety Yearling

1st - Sara Smith's Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever 
Confident temperament. Nice body shape with well laid back shoulders and deep chest. Moved well with power. 

2nd - Rachel Marriot's Japenese Shiba Inu 
3rd - Lily James' Shitzu 

1st AV Puppy - 1st AV Adult - 1st Most Attractive Dog or Bitch (Left - Right)

Any Variety Adult

1st - Shirley Bowley's Bichon Frise 
Well balanced dog with a lively attitude, lovely dark round eyes. Well developed chest, well bent stifles with good angulation, moved well. 

2nd - June Baker's Labrador Retriever 
3rd - Caroline Lea's Standard Poodle 

Most Attractive Dog or Bitch

1st - Lisa Morris's SHAR Pei 

Best Biscuit Catcher