Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club

2014 Central Club Working Cart Course Competition

25th May 2014 at Overseal - Judge: Debbie Morgan

The day didn’t begin too well as it was raining and we couldn’t get onto the field for the first hour as we had to wait for a huge articulated lorry to be removed from the entrance. This meant that by the time we had set up the course we were a bit late starting, but at least by then the rain had stopped.

In the beginners class, the chicanes proved a bit of a challenge for Christine with Mia and Pam with Grace, Yogi had a good round with Becca, but his strength meant that they lost a few marks for ease of control.

John and Susie had an almost clear round – well done! The scores for Keith with Marti and Tim with Lottie were very close, the latter pair losing slightly more points on the obstacles.

Bruce with Asti and Bruce with Dixie (his 10 year old Aussie) had superb rounds, very calm and controlled. Bruce also had a really good round with Bear, his first time at Advanced Level (Bear that is – obviously!) it was such a shame that Bear did not want to reverse! Definitely one to watch once he has mastered this. Tim with Tilly also went well, as did Pete with Cimo; problems with the kerbs knocking them into 4th place. Keith and Hetty also did well, the second chicane losing them several points.

It was an enjoyable day for me as judge, it was really good to see how highly everyone scored on ease of control; the big dogs, especially, Cimo and Bear, have come on really well and were clearly listening to their handlers.

One point to note for the future is to remember not to touch the dog during the obstacle even to give praise.

Carting Parade 2014

Carting Parade

Competition Results


1st Rebecca Dedman with Yogi 118pts (Pass) 
2nd Pam Fagg with Grace 113pts (Fail) 
3rd Christine Handley with Mia 111pts (Fail) 


1st John Flippance with Susie 172pts (Pass) 
2nd Keith Brown with Marti 166pts (Pass) 
3rd Tim Williams with Lottie 165pts (Pass) 


1st Bruce Hellingsworth with Asti 243pts (Pass) 
2nd Tim Williams with Tilly 239pts (Pass) 
3rd Bruce Hellingsworth with Bear 238pts (Pass) 
4th Pete Garrard with Cimo 237pts (Pass) 
5th Keith Brown with Hetty 232pts (Pass)