Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club

2013 Central Club Open Show

7th July 203 at Overseal - Judge: Roberta Wright

A very well run show with some lovely dogs to go over. Most coped well with the high temperatures but some were affected & maybe didn’t show to full advantage.

Best In Show & Best Dog went to my Limit dog Jaybiem I Try for Shadybower JW with a delightful Veteran Carabaz Planet Queen at Timarabai taking top honours in the bitches, & Best Puppy In Show was a mature youngster Ardenbridge Big Bertha with Jaybiem.

2013 Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club Open Show - Best In Show & Best Dog - Jaybiem I Try for Shadybower JW owned by Tony Granger2013 Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club Open Show - Best Veteran & Best Bitch was Carabaz Planet Queen At Timarabai2013 Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club Open Show Best Puppy in Show June Miles Ardenbridge Big Bertha with Jaybiem

Best in Show - Best Veteran in Show - Best Puppy in Show

Minor Puppy Dog 2 Entries
1st - Green's Millenium Star Email of Happiness at Pasturegreen (Imp Rus) 
A good sized youngster of 8 months pleasing head excellent coat & condition moved out well in profile but a little close behind going away and carrying his tail a tad gay. Best Puppy Dog

Puppy Dog 2 Entries 1 Absent
1st - Miles Jaybiem Dave Ah Voo 
Well balanced young man of nearly 10 months who looks the part standing but let’s himself down on the move as he insists on prancing in all directions the rare glimpse of his movement when settled was true & accurate. Just a baby so hopefully he will fulfill his potential when he matures.

Junior Dog 4 Entries
1st - King & Bramble's Shirdees Continental 
Really liked this standard male of 14 months pleasing head with dark expressive eyes Excellent front and rear angulation level topline and sound steady movement well carried tail he was feeling the heat in the challenge but still did enough to take Reserve Best Dog.

2nd - Griffiths,Orme & Miles Jaybiem Y’euben Chozen 
Larger than one but still well proportioned with excellent head strong neck straight front good overall balance & sound movement.

Yearling Dog 5 Entries 
1st – Green's Pasturegreen Irish Cream 
Well grown male of 20 months who looks good in profile with strong head, clean front excellent coat and condition and well muscled quarters which he used to advantage on the move.

2nd - Miles Athersbern Dashingly Dark at Sennenstorm 
Third in Junior but his sound movement and pleasing type gave him the edge over the other exhibits in this class.

Post Graduate Dog 5 Entries 1 Absent 
1st - Sargent Bernfold Mikebees Milligan at Sargbilko 
A very sound male who has an excellent head with dark eyes good pigment and strong neck, straight front and well angulated quarters. Well presented and moved with drive to win this class.

2nd - Hipwell Sanmarwell Pearly Spencer 
This two year old seemed to be feeling the heat but he moved out well to secure this placing. Looked good in profile with a pleasing head good neck & tidy front enough bone and substance coupled with a good jacket to complete the picture.

Limit Dog 9 Entries 4 Absent
1st - Granger Jaybiem I Try for Shadybower JW 
This was an excellent class of mature males with this 3 year old going on to take Best Dog & Best In Show. So well proportioned with a strong head excellent eye shape and colour, tight feet clean front and good neck leading into firm topline well muscled quarters which powered him round the big ring. His overall condition and excellent handler made him a force to be reckoned with to take this class to beat some other excellent males.

2nd - Jones Lujento Heyhobart with Welshbern 
Another lovely example of the breed who was presented and shown to advantage stronger in head than the winner and of medium size but again came into his own on the move with his fluid action.

Open Dog 9 Entries 4 Absent 
1st - Bird Ch Shirdees Love Me Do at Cullumbern Jw SHCM 
A very pleasing dog to go over balanced and sound in every department strong masculine head, firm body and well developed quarters. Well presented and handled with steady movement to take this class

2nd - Griffiths & Orme Jaybiem in Leiu 
Another dog who was in full bloom coping well with the heat to give a good account of himself both standing and on the move.

Veteran Dog / Bitch 6 Entries 2 Absent 
1st - Bailey & Williams Carabaz Planet Queen at Timarabai 
My notes say “a real show off” I just loved her size balance and overall type such a pleasing head and expression straight front strong neck leading into well placed shoulders. Compact body with well muscled quarters and excellent coat and presentation. At 7½ her movement was sound with good reach in front and precise hind action. In the challenge she was feeling the heat so had to give way to the male but a well deserved Best Bitch Best Veteran In Show Best Opposite Sex & Reserve Best In Show

2nd - Avery Kyleburn Night Quintillion 
Another lovely veteran of 7 years who gave the winner a run for their money but just couldn’t match her on the move on the day. A medium male well proportioned and so sound with clean outline & steady movement.

Minor Puppy Bitch 1 Entry 
1st - Miles Ardenbridge Big Bertha with Jaybiem 
Good size baby of 8 months broad skull with pleasing expression straight front, tight feet, strong neck leading into good shoulders her topline was firm and her ribs well sprung to give a lovely outline both standing and on the move. Handled and moved so well to take Best Bitch Puppy & Best Puppy In Show.

Puppy Bitch 3 Entries 1 Absent 
1st - Miles Ardenbridge Big Bertha with Jaybiem 

2nd - Mair Hartley-Mair & Dyball Meadowpark Northern Blend 
Such a sweet expression on this 9 month old baby in excellent coat and condition, compact body well angulated quarters and in full bloom. But she was carrying a tad too much weight that affected her front movement, one for the future.

Junior Bitch 5 Entries 2 Absent 
1st - King & Bramble Shirdees Chevrolet 
Lovely headed bitch of 14 months sweetest expression with dark eyes and well set ears clean front and well angulated and muscled quarters. Her abundant coat of good length and texture made her top line appear to dip but hands on showed it was not the case. Moved out so well.

Yearling Bitch 8 Entires 3 Absent 
1st - Hexter Pasturegreen Irish Beauty 
19 month old who presented a lovely overall picture as in the previous class the coat over her topline distracted at first but it was firm. Her excellent construction and type won her this class she moved out well.

2nd - Jones Welshbern Mary Poppins 
Different in type to the winner as she appeared shorter in leg and stockier in body but she was well proportioned and had an excellent head and presented a pleasing picture both standing and on the move.

Post Graduate Bitch 10 Entries 5 Absent 
1st - Hipwell Sanmarwell Argentina 
Top size bitch but retaining her femininity has balance and style in excellent condition with strong head straight front level topline and good angulation moved out well.

2nd - Mead Monalou Goodday Sunshine 
Another smart bitch who took a while to settle on the move but when she did she displayed sound clean movement.

Limit Bitch 6 Entries 4 Absent 
1st - Granger Monalou Peggy Sue at Shadybower JW 
This 4½ year old bitch ticked all the boxes feminine head with appealing expression good front and rear angulation firm body well set tail. In full bloom her coat and condition was excellent, handled so well to show off her balanced movement. Rest Best Bitch

2nd - Green Fortonpark Millie My Love at Pasturegreen 
I loved this naughty “young” lady but she was determined not to move acting more like a baby than her mature 4 years but that’s the joy of dog showing and she certainly was enjoying herself. A very appealing head mischievous expression presented in immaculate condition.

Open Bitch 8 Entries 4 Absent 
1st - Grayling Lujento Per Una 
Lovely bitch so sound and compact excellent head and eye good length of leg well proportioned body and moved out extremely well.

2nd - King & Bramble Ch Shirdees Bobbie Dazzler 
Upstanding bitch hard to believe she is 6½ years old sound, in excellent condition and well muscled so well balanced with sound true movement.