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Membership Renewals

Members are reminded that memberships are due for renewal on January 1st.

You should have received your renewal forms with the last copy of the newsletter, but in case you've lost it, the dog ate it or the baby used it to try out some crayons, a copy of the membership renewal form is downloadable from the link below.

Full membership details can be found on the Membership Page.

Payment for membership renewals can be made via bank transfer, details are on the bottom of the renewal form.

Renew Your Membership, Click here to download a form


2020 AGM

Sunday 16th February 2020

In February we are holding our AGM.

Click here to see the AGM details



Online Dog Show - Video Entries

Sunday 17th May 2020

Due to having to cancel our open & companion shows we have arranged a virtual dog show with video entries. Click on the link below for details.

Click here for more details